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William and Catherine- Much Ado About Something!

April 26, 2011

Wow! the big day will be here Friday, William and Kate will tie the knot at the end of this week.  I am personally not all that interested in all of the hoopla…but as I see so much info on almost every single TV show I watch, it is getting to be a little more interesting to me.  I think it’s  smart that they have been together for a long time…is it 9 years or 10…something like that. That means they probably have had the opportunity to get to know each other well…I hope so.  They seem like a sweet couple, though the truth is…we have very little info about what Kate’s interests are and her personality thus far seems AWOL.  I am pleased to hear that William has been protective of Kate regarding the press…that is very different from the way his father, Prince Charles, treated his mother, Princess Diana (who was barely beyond puberty and certainly needed that protection).

I find it rather odd that so many Americans are so very interested in every detail of the goings-on. I have found that many of the interviews with citizens from Great Britain about the couple have revealed precious little new or exciting findings.  That’s what I find annoying, you are lured into yet another show where you are supposedly going to learn SOMETHING -FINALLY- and there is essentially NOTHING!!! Do you get it? NO THING  of import.

This morning I saw Barbara Walters and Robin Roberts on Good Morning America – live in London – at Buckingham Palace, indoors…so this was to be some big deal thing, right? The truth it was one more disappointment, Barbara and Robin talking to each other, making chit chat while sitting in the palace, Barbara (and I like her) once again talking as she so often does, reminding us that she has been around forever and has interviewed absolutely everyone INCLUDING PRINCESS DIANA – IN THIS VERY PALACE! Then  she tells you that that was the interview where Diana told Barbara how unhappy she was in her marriage.  Apparently when the content of that interview became known, Queen E decided it was time for Charles and Diana to get divorced!

So…during the next few days, I know we will see and hear much about the monarchy, about Kate comparing her to Diana over and over again. I truly hope we all learn some new things after spending so much time and emotional energy on all of this. But I do have a question…why is this of such interest to you?  There must be people in your own life who you might want to know more about…whose history or feelings might impact your life and perception. I suggest you examine if there is someone in your life who might really NEED your time and attention, someone who loves you and knows you exist. Or maybe there is a project you have been wanting to work on or some class you’ve wanted to take….oh, all the fancy clothes (and this IS history) and decor will be fun to see.  Just remember those you love or care about and who give you so much every day…who might really enjoy it if you exhibited an interest in their direction?

Enjoy the wedding and all of the glamour…and also enjoy your family and friends…it’s all good!  So sorry to  sound so cranky, but one more thing….I HATE the accent …it makes my blood run cold!  By the way, I understand economy class airline tickets started at $2700 and other tickets went for as high as $27,000!   As Wendy’s used to say “Where’s the beef?”

This is MeddlingMom…happy wedding!

Valentine’s Day, Romance, Proposals, Weddings

February 13, 2011

Well, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow…have you been thinking about it? Are you prepared for the big day? Even if you are not, there is much opportunity for you to make Valentine’s Day special. You can buy flowers, write  a poem, draw a caricature, sing a song, give a massage, do a pedicure or a manicure or a hand massage or a foot rub. You still have time to purchase any of the items I just mentioned if that works better for you and your people. For a son or nephew away at college or living in a first apartment, a subscription to Automated Man’s automatic toiletry delivery service would be a great gift.   Remember, your child would love a video, or some technology or a gift card …the possibilities are endless depending on the age of your offspring.  The day does not have to be expensive,  but your gift should be based on what will tickle the person you love and what will bring you closer together. It could be a promise to spend the afternoon playing games together or going for a hike. I remember when I was a teenager, my mother would buy me a small gift like a new slip…that may sound strange today, but I loved receiving a little something that was personal and that showed she knew what I might enjoy.  She was thougtful that way. I remember (on any day) she was big on sending cards for no reason at all..

Remember tomorrrow that you can makes someone’s day by simply calling or texting and saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!”  Make sure to let those you love know how important they are to you…it’s simple and means a lot.

For those of you who are getting ready to pop the question, last week I received an e-mail from Thrillist about how to propose to your love.  It must be nerve-wracking to have to do that without having any experience, wanting to make it a special occasion.  Here’s what Thrillist says:

To get you over the hump and on to a lifetime of bliss, here are Thrillist’s 10 Rules for Popping & Locking That Down.

1) Use Modern Bride & JCPenney’s “The Notebook”, an online tool that lets you save, compare, and share, ideally with people who know about rings — i.e., girls.

2) Ask her dad for permission. It seems old-fashioned and awkward, but considering that at family dinners he’ll be the one deciding whether you get “the good Scotch” or “that junk the Hendersons gave us for Christmas last year”, it’s probably a good idea.

3) No matter how eager you are to get this over with, be careful to fall to just one knee; otherwise, she’ll assume you’re begging — which might get you 35 cents, but not a lifetime of devotion.

4) When proposing at a restaurant: if you’re not a Champagne guy or gal,, don’t just out-of-the-blue order Champagne and say something lame like “oh, I’m just in the mood for it”. She/he will immediately sense the imminent question-popping. Besides, are you really in the mood for Champagne, or are you in the mood to spend the rest of your life with someone who accepts that you prefer beer?

5) Try not to do anything to make her angry in the week day hour  seven minutes before the actual proposal.

6) Don’t keep the ring in your pocket. You could send it through the wash, or accidentally pop the question to the cocktail waitress.

7) You should totally start working out in the weeks leading up. Don’t get too jacked — she loves you for your mind, or at least your face — just enough to subtly reassure her you  don’t turn into a dump-truck after you’re married and no longer have to try at all.

8) Even after a highly successful proposal, don’t expect to end the evening with drinks and cigars with the boys. You’re going to need the goodwill you just earned for future with-the-boys outings, so don’t burn through it now.

9) If you’re planning on surprising her with well-wishing friends & relatives afterwards, make sure there’s a buffer period so she can redo makeup that’s now running due to her tears of joy.

10) Ask her to please not pose the ring next to a quarter on Facebook. Some girls actually do this. They shouldn’t.

If your love has already popped the question and you are planning a wedding, you may want some help keeping your emotions in check and not feeling too stressed.  Bridal Jitters can really get to the bride-to-be.

Here’s the site of a very popular event (including weddings) planner:

Valentine’s Day is about LOVE…share the love…with hugs and smooches tomorrow and every day!

This is MeddlingMom…

The Christmas Crunch – Shopping-Spending-Stressing-WHY???

December 14, 2010

Busy, busy, busy…money, money, money, do I have enough cash and credit available to get through the next month or even the next few weeks?  It is a tough time of year for those who  celebrate Christmas…in this country, at least…What is it all about? It seems that no matter what one’s intentions are to “keep it simple” or not to be over extended…we just get caught up in the process and all of a sudden you are on a runaway train…The mind is going. Every day you wake up with the subject of shopping and how to make it work – on your mind – and you review your lists to determine what you’ve done so far, what you can eliminate and how to find the time to do all that you need to before the “big day”.  the stresses and strains are enormous on most people.  Even if you are one of the “lucky ones” who doesn’t have to worry about the financial cost, the time issues…how to get it all done…the whole thing is enormous…the stress is incredible.

Isn’t it just ridiculous? All of this fuss related to the birth of one person?  Yes, I realize that Christians believe he was “The One”. What does the birth of Christ have to do with all of the hoopla?  Gifts for everyone in the world, cookie baking (why?),Christmas caroling, stringing popcorn, excessive amounts of calorie and fat ridden food, new clothing for “the day”, decorating the house and making sure everything looks perfect.  Yes, it is absurd.  None of what we do is at all related to the birth of Christ.  Actually, there is one thing that would be in sync with the reason for the season…helping others, donating to organizations who help the poor or hungry, adopting a family and  helping to make their lives better, reach out to someone who has become unemployed with concrete help (do something for them that will make a difference.

The real difficulty is in stepping back and being able to shift how you handle all of this; much of what we do and our expectations of how things should be comes from our childhood and family of origin’s traditions, cultural values, financial situation and the way our parents thought things should be-what they wanted or goes on and on and on. What is really nuts is that we are trying to live up to what they wanted based on what their childhoods were like-what they did and didn’t have, want or need.  So here we are plodding along…no wonder we feel like robots…most of what we do is based on other people’s decisions about what is needed and acceptable.

Step back, take a deep breath, do a little writing about what you are feeling (yes, you do have time to write-get up an hour earlier)- and about what YOU NEED to be whole. Eliminate that which does not make sense to you any more. Talk with your family about how to celebrate without creating nonsensical amounts of stress and strain; ask for suggestions from your children for ways to add  meaning to our experiences.  Decide what matters and make some changes accordingly.

And when you start to think about your New Year’s resolutions…don’t make the list…just make one decision…to read and write every week…3 or 4 hours, half reading, half writing. If you do that, by this time next year, your life will be much simpler.

This is MeddlingMom…keep asking…is this really necessary or important…and why?

The Westtown Station Gallery

September 21, 2010

I had a wonderful time on Sunday at one of the most enchanting exhibition spaces in the western Philadelphia suburbs. Arts and crafts were showcased in a special show this weekend.  The Westtown Station Gallery (Route 926 between routes 202 and 352) presents an Art Show and Open House every September for two days.

The historic train station gallery features handcrafted art pottery by Ken Kazanjian and paintings by his wife Shelley Shultis. During the Open House, refreshments are served in the Outdoor Sculpture Garden and artworks displayed in the Train Underpass Gallery on the grounds.. The gallery also features primitive and tribal arts, bronze windbells, Mayan hammocks, Indian blankets, textiles and blown glass. Admission is free.

The Westtown Station Gallery is located in the original Pennsylvania Railroad Westtown Station (originally aka Street Road Station) located adjacent to Street Rd just west of its intersection with the Thornton/Westtown Rd. Originally built in 1859, the station had seriously deteriorated by the 1980s as traffic declined and SEPTA prepared to discontinue the line. It was boarded up and ready for demolition when Ken Kazanjian found it.

Having just returned to the area from the Peace Corps, he was looking for a new home and work space and arranged to rebuild the station. Trained at the Philadelphia College of Art, over the next few years he remodeled the building to include his living area, studio, and gallery space for his future business. Today the Westtown Station Gallery features the works of Ken and Shelley.

Ken specializes in high fire ceramics. Based on the ancient Asian process, he creates strong pieces in muted colors. Each piece is a unique original design meant to be used. The collection includes many striking and beautiful pieces for your garden, table and walls.  Shelley is a self-taught painter who divides her time between her art and teaching horseback riding for the disabled at Thorncroft Equestrian Center in Malvern.

If you enjoy finely crafted art or are looking for a special gift, unique accent pieces, or outdoor sculpture, The Westtown Station Gallery is highly recommended. Think about the special people in your life and the special events that are approaching. Your favorite bride and groom and your friends with discerning taste will surely appreciate a piece from this fine collection. Keep in mind The Westtown Station Gallery is open daily from 10-5 from May through November.  Make sure you do your shopping before they close for the season after Thanksgiving weekend. Call 610-399-6986.

Keep in mind, if you are a mom of a college age son, take a look at for a wonderful gift for your son.

This is MeddlingMom…happy shopping!

Easter and other holidays

April 5, 2010

Yesterday was Easter…what did you do? Is it a big holiday for you, do you celebrate it with your family or do you prefer to treat it like any other day, rather than a holiday…or perhaps you aren’t a Christian and don’t acknowledge it at all.  This year my partner and I did nothing about the holiday…we seem to be very busy in our every day lives so we decided to just be…in the house…quietly doing whatever we wanted…not needing a ham or lamb or anything except solitude and peace.  It was a great day..for me going through bags of paper…mail, notes to myself, lists, periodicals, catalogs, coupons and so much more.  Do you have paper clutter at your house?  Mine is just insane, so it was great to have a day where I could look through and purge much of it…

Actually on Friday some young friends of ours who do not happen to be Christian were here and we cooked 3 dozen eggs which they happily dyed and decorated; they had a great time…so we really felt we had already done a little something for Easter.

I encourage you  to spend your time as you wish, doing what makes you happy and content; usually we spend holidays with family. We always have a great time, just as we did yesterday.
On another note, I heard about two books this morning while watching Good Morning America on ABC.

Take a look at “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is” by Laura Munson.  It is Ms. Munson’s story about taking charge of her life when she had marital problems, about becoming powerful rather than powerless and assessing what she wanted and needed..

The other book, written by Suzy Welch is entitled “10-10-10”.  Her book is about a systematic way of making the right decisions about your life, incorporating your values and priorities into the decision-making process. The paperback edition has a workbook in it also.

Have a good day. Hope your Easter was as good as mine…

This is MeddlingMom…

Monique, Sandra, Jeff, Christoph Waltz, The Hurt Locker

March 8, 2010

Wow!  What an exciting night…The Academy Awards …Just about all of the women looked beautiful in magnificent gowns (there were a few that were not great, but most were truly beautiful).  As I heard earlier (on Sunday) it’s really great that the Oscars have been presented and within a few days we can stop talking about them.  This year there was way too much talk before the ceremony and too many bits and pieces of interviews were shown…nothing was new when I actually viewed the interviews…it had already been said…be sure to see the Hurt Locker, Precious, The Blind Side, Inglourious Basterds, Up In The Air, Julie and Julia, It’s Complicated..

This is MeddlingMom…


December 13, 2009

This is MeddlingMom.

I had a great time yesterday visiting with some friends, having a nice homemade meal  and playing with their little girl.  Here I sit today…it is nearly 6 PM,…and I have a list a mile long of things I must accomplish in the next week. I’ve completed nothing, nada! I haven’t even showered…I guess we all have days like this…the only problem is that tomorrow at 7:30AM, my doors open for business…I have a small daycare in my home…the little ones will be arriving and I will lose all ability to accomplish anything on my list until after 5:30PM…such is life…Of course we all know we need some down time to simply be mindless and we know that everything that needs to be done, WILL be done!  At some point, we recognize that there is no choice and no more time to procrastinate

So I wonder what you do to cut to the chase and to manage your list…my list seems to grow and grow with little opportunity to have many items crossed off of it…I am open to suggestion….

I guess I will go look at my list, attempt to complete a few small items, have a shower, have dinner and settle in to some  fun TV…60 Minutes, Oprah’s special at the Whitehouse…of course Brothers and Sisters isn’t on tonight due to Oprah’s special.  I don’t feel particularly stressed about any of this right now; I feel pretty zen…at least ’til I stop typing this …

Have a good night.

Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, what else?

December 8, 2009

Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa….I am wondering at this time of year…  .how do you feel if you do not celebrate the big “C”? take your pick…Christ or Christmas…the insanity of the media, commercials, Christmas music, Christmas shows, Christmas gifts, holiday shopping, etc. What is it like for you or your children if you don’t celebrate a gift-giving holiday (Holy Day)….I have some young friends who are not Christian. I have not had the courage to ask the children how they feel about all of this celebrating? and gift giving that they will not be a part of…at the very least it must make them feel DIFFERENT.  How tough is that…..Christmas songs at school, Christmas decorations, Santa Claus everywhere…I wonder how they feel.

I know I am not thrilled with all of the hoopla…it leaves nothing to the imagination and not much opportunity to create an original thought on how to celebrate…mind boggling…listed below are 2 alternative ideas for those who DO have gifts to buy and are looking for something a little more interesting and something truly unique.

There is a wonderful new company, Automated Man with a great product and service for men.

With Automated Man you’ll get all your toiletry needs delivered to your door, once a month, name brands cheaper than you’d pay at the store (no kidding!). $140 worth of stuff, for only $39.99

Sign Up once, cancel whenever……

With Automated Mom, if you are a mom and have a son who lives away from home, take a look at  You can take care of your son…and stay in charge of your finances.
Automated Man/Mom will deliver all your son’s must-have toiletries every month. This is a great bargain and you will always know that your son or brother or whatever male in your life won’t run out of toiletries (including condoms-and that’s critical!)…they simply won’t have to think about these products…again…Visit the websites to watch informative videos and read the blog…lots of cool things to read and see.
Subscribe and Save Now!

Package Deal!

The other item that is unique is the gift (maybe to yourself!) of the services of a Personal Life Coach.  Coaching is a partnership formed between a Personal Life Coach/Strategist and a Client in order to collaborate to define the Client’s current situation and goals and devise a strategy to pro-actively create a better life for the Client.

“A fulfilling life is one in which your life and actions reflect your values and priorities.” Take a look at to better understand the range of services available.

I hope this has been helpful and that your time in the next few weeks will be a little calmer. Chaos Control Coaching’s website has a number of interesting articles on a variety of topics (Stress, Parenting, ADD/ADHD, Divorce, Bridal Jitters, Relationship Tips) that may be of interest to you or someone in your tribe.

Have a good night.


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