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Sons and Daughters-Going Off to College-The Empty Nest

September 9, 2010

I wonder about you moms and dads whose sons and daughters have left home to go off to college..How are you doing? This is a time that is fraught with emotions. It can be exhilarating, exhausting, thrilling, fun and sad..The past year (s) have required much preparation and planning so that you and your child (adult?) are in good shape fot the transition and so that the school selection is correct. It takes such a huge effort to do all that is needed…college applications, waiting to be accepted (or rejected), planning “the move” and all of the necessary purchases, driving or flying to the school and helping your young person to move in. For some help on what is necessary for freshman, go to and check on “see the full list”…and mom and dad,  you might get some tips here for YOUR technology needs. Then there is the concern that your son or daughter will miss you or be lonely or homesick. You go home and find out just how much you miss your son or daughter!  This can be a rude awakening.  I heard on NPR yesterday that the average college freshman has 14 contacts with parents per week…that is truly amazing and it is a huge change from years ago when moms and dads had a hard time “catching” their college student once a week and when students had to use the hall payphone!…It is nuce for parents to have contact, but I imagine there are some this week who wish they’d receive just a few less updates from Junior and Princess…  After all, you ARE supposed to be enjoying the empty or emptier nest, right?

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Have a great day and enjoy the newfound silence in your home…


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