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Too much to do! and think about! ALWAYS!

April 4, 2011

I was wondering what to write about, what might interest people and I realized that in the course of a day or a week, I am exposed to so much information that I can barely breathe…much less figure out what to write about…..the problem is that I receive way too much e-mail from way too many organizations, individuals, stores and of course, there are those newsletters and blogs.  I am exhausted over the responsibility I feel to learn about everything, to be knowledgeable, to be up-to-date on current events (in this area I am waaaybehind) and to just feel like I have my head on straight!

Does anyone else feel this way or am I simply nuts? It seems daily living has become so complicated…the details of keeping up are mind-boggling.  I’ll give you an example:  I was online the other day looking at my bank accounts.  I saw a $3.00 fee for making too many transfers from one account to another in a month’s time (I made 3).  Let’s get real…these are ELECTRONIC transactions!!! Is there someone who has to do something about the transactions which would justify a fee?  Yes, I realize they have technicians who keep all of their computer systems running smoothly.  While on the phone, I asked one more time about the fee I pay monthly for having a checking account.  I was told if I had a direct deposit automatically into the account, I would have no fee.  Since I am self-employed and have a very small business, there is no check from payroll.  Then I was told if I wanted to have an electronic, paperless acoount, I could have it for free.  That would mean I would have to do all transactions at the ATM machine.  I usually use that for deposits anyway, but…I didn’t think to ask whether that meant I could no longer go to  a teller inside the bank or whether the restriction was only for the teller at the drive-up window…hmmm…..then again, I do stop and think about what a bargain it is to have the use of an account for just a few dollars (not as few as it used to be, I might add). Really, we Americans don’t realize how much we have!  Why should the account be free when the bank is providing a service…they should receive something, right?  I mean they have a  building and employees at the local branch, heat, electric, phones…they do have to pay for all of this…

I digress.  the point is that this is one little minor aspect of my life.  When did everything become so complicated? Was I asleep for 20 years?  Another thing that makes me insane…I purchased a camera recently…and a printer…the only thing that was included as far as instructions was the “Quick Guide”…no REAL information came with either of these items, nothing to tell me how to use the new item and the features  and how they work!  It’s unbelievable…they tell you to go online to their site and that’s where the information is! If you’re lucky, there is an actual manual that you can download…otherwise, there is all kinds of info, so much that it is damn near impossible to decipher which information you need to read to resolve your issue.  Remember, you are only on the site because you have no idea how to use the new item…all you really wanted was a manual in English that is clear and complete.

I can’t believe I am even burdening you with such nonsense, but the truth is…these “things” seem to take up so much time and energy!  Imagine if you were hard-of hearing and couldn’t hear the voice prompts?  Oh, dear, never thought of that before, but those days are probably coming…

I have no solution for this stuff, except to remember how lucky you are to be here and to have LIFE.  The truth is… being flexible and not taking life too  seriously is just about all you have available to deal with these situations. Being flexible in your thinking can help you to survive the crazy, over-stimulating world we live in today!  Just laugh or sing out loud and be sure to appreciate that you are speaking to a human on the phone, someone who is trying to help you…rather than a recording.

On another subject, I have started exercising in the mornings.  Did you know that ON DEMAND has exercise routines for free?  We’re talking … just about any kind you could imagine, yoga, core, dancing, and every aspect of these in as little time as 8 minutes.  They also have meditation in the same area.  This morning I did a Hip Hop session.  It was pretty basic, but it got  funny as one movement that was introduced simply didn’t work for me. It was one of those deals where you use one foot and leg and the reverse arm at the same time…quickly…I didn’t really focus too much on making it happen. I just kept moving (that’s the idea, right?) and I actually found myself laughing out loud at how bad I was with this one particular move!  Silly, but it was fun and I got in some exercise.  The challenge is to do a routine every day and to gradually add more time (and maybe some weights) to it.

It’s true, one of the few things you can count on is… to be flexible in your thinking and to anticipate that adapting will be needed often in your life will make your life much easier…EXPECT to have to be flexible…The tree that bends weathers the storm….

This is MeddlingMom…have a great day!

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