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Planting Autumn/Fall Flowers?

September 14, 2010

I had a beautiful flower garden this summer with Snapdragons, Portulacas, DahliaHydrangea, Double Impatiens in a hanging basket, Creeping Myrtle (a ground cover), Astilbe and several types of Lilies.  I  truly enjoyed the entire process, the planning,  planting, mulching, watering and removing the faded (dead) flowers so that new ones would replace them…I had the help of my 15 year old niece, Anya…she planted over half the garden and mulched the same. It was wonderful that she was here to help out when my initial enthusiasm and energy for planting and mulching had a temporary lag.  Anya was an amazing help.

It was  a very hot summer and the plants required much watering. At least every other day, I went outside to remove the faded flowers and to water the plants.  Every 3 weeks, I gave them food.  The garden did not disappoint me at all.  Those plants gave more pleasure than one would expect or imagine. The garden was stunning and the foliage proved to be sumptuous and expansive..

Here’s what I don’t understand.  the summer flower garden is still going strong, as they usually do here in the Mid Atlantic states and will probably continue to flourish through much of October.  What I don’t “get”is why people plant fall flowers like Mums…in order to do so you must pull out your existing flower garden and throw away the plants WHILE THEY ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL AND FLOWERING – what is the point of that? Why would you throw away that which you have nurtured and which has brought you and others such joy?  So I vote for skipping the “Mum” stage, then plant bulbs for spring bloom.  Also, here in the Philadelphia area, one of the plants that is a winter perennial is the Pansy! Imagine that!  You can actually have winter flowers in bloom and they are edible, too! This info came to me through Mike McGrath of WHYY (radio) program, You Bet Your Garden.  So plant your Pansies when your summer flowers die on their own and buy yourself a flat or two of Pansies. You will enjoy their beauty this fall and winter.

For me, my garden is still thriving and I’ll be outside tomorrow removing the faded flowers and enjoying the wonderful Indian summer weather we are experiencing in the Philadelphia area this week.  I hope you enjoy your summer garden for some weeks to come!

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