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Medication Shortages–What’s Going On?

March 17, 2012

The truth about medications in this country is that many Americans take too many drugs, over-the-counter, prescription and “street drugs”. Putting that concept aside for a moment, I  am very concerned over what I have heard in recent months about a “shortage of medications“.  As I understand it, as prescription medications become available as “generics”, major pharmaceutical manufacturers find that the profit has gone out of the product and choose to not continue to offer these drugs. There may be other reasons, but it seems to me that “the bottom line” being paramount is a concept that has way too much license in our country. When did profit become the only reason for manufacturing a product that may be life-changing or that actually may save lives?  What happened to a concern for the quality of life of total strangers or doing good for the sake of helping? I know that may sound archaic to some, but it seems that people may have lost sight of what it means to be decent. When did it become accepted to simply care about no one except yourself or your own little circle?  I heard recently about an infant who could not be treated for leukemia because there was a shortage of the medication required.  The American Dream certainly includes the idea of the opportunity to earn a decent wage; that does not mean we should subsidize or support those who “gouge” people or who are not at all interested in the common good. These companies are actually doing damage by cutting off the production of these medications. Corporations do have a responsibility to this country, the country that allowed their CEO’s to have wildly inflated salaries, bonuses and life styles. Many Americans have a fine standard of living; plenty do not. The drug companies have long taken advantage of the American public which is why senior citizens on limited incomes have found themselves on buses headed toward Canada (where they can purchase their medications at a fraction of the prices to us).  The pharmaceutical companies provide the same drugs we use to nations all over the world for pennies. We Americans are the only people who do not have these deep discounts offered to us.

My concern here is that I don’t understand what our government is doing to change the impact the pharmaceutical companies have on the American public.  What is being done, how can we possibly allow people to die because a particular antibiotic is not available in the quantity needed at a given time? How can we possibly allow people to die because a specifc medication is not available when 20 years ago we spent the money to find out what would work for that condition or disease?  Aren’t we going backwards? In an age where we save the banks and don’t allow the automobile industry to go under, what about the people?  We simply must have some commitment to the people and to health and wellness.

It is disgusting what has happened in this country in recent years, the nasty attitudes that speak only to “profits” and not what is good for the country and its inhabitants. It is really incomprehensible ….that the standards keep lowering…we are the frogs dropped in the boiling water…we seem to not even notice that we are being killed…

The problem here is that you think this can’t happen to you…well, it can…and you won’t know about it maybe ever…but when you go to a hospital and they either don’t give you the best medicine for your situation…you may not be told…or maybe what they have on hand will be given to you in a lesser dosage. You will not be told probably…you simply may not have the recovery needed…

And of course we all know, hospitals in neighborhoods where the poor or indigent live probably won’t be given priority in terms of stocking everything that is needed…what kind of society do we want ot live in?

WHAT DO WE STAND FOR?  A number if years ago, I was working in my community to try to have a homeless shelter built (we were eventually successful). A very wise woman who also worked hard for this cause said to me, “What kind of communities do we want to have? What kind of country do we want. If I own a Mercedes, what good is it if I can’t stop at a traffic light without being pulled out of my car and have my car stolen?”  Indeed, she was better informed and more experienced in life than I was. No one is safe unless we are all safe. No one really has ANYTHING unless ALL have opportunity to a quality life.

NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE…when you walk past someone who cannot afford food or medication, do you have peace? probably not…

This is MeddlingMom…I have no easy answers….stretch a little if you can, reach out, start a conversation, get involved, contact your senators and representatives, whatever you do helps to make necessary change….have a good weekend!

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