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Memorial Day-some thoughts…

May 29, 2011

Memorial Day…we are all happy to have a reason to not go to work, but the truth is that those who are serving our nation today probably don’t have the day off, especially if they are serving outside of the United States.  Please take a moment to appreciate those men and women who currently serve in the Armed Forces and those who have served in the past.  Take a look at the history of this special American holiday.

The bulk of the blog entry today was not written by me.  I received an e-mail from  Paul Dake , a realtor with Keller Williams in Limerick, PA.  I liked what he sent in his message and asked him if he minded if I shared his message via my blog and he agreed that that would be fine. It starts off with two meaningful quotes:

“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”  –   John F. Kennedy

“When we say “War is over if you want it,” we mean that if everyone demanded peace instead of another TV set, we’d have peace. “ John Lennon

Dear Friend,

We have so very much to be thankful for.

The freedoms and luxuries we enjoy in our daily lives are immeasurable.  Take a look at what your friends are posting about on Facebook, then think about the hundreds of little things we do every day that are sometimes taken for granted.  Our children’s activities, the work we do, the meal we prepared, the book we read, the music we love, and the list goes on and on.

Americans serve this country so that we may continue to enjoy these freedoms.  Men and women from all walks of life perform duties beyond our imaginations.  Many of them spend their holidays thousands of miles from their loved ones.  And too many of them have given their lives serving our country.  We all have a connection to these courageous people, and owe them our deepest gratitude.

Think of them this weekend as you enjoy time with your family and friends.

Raise a glass to honor them, even if with just a simple, “Thank you.”

I came across the quite moving letter below and thought I would share it with you.

Wishing you a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Paul Dake

To My Comrades in Arms:

You have served in a Regiment that has been engaged in all the activities of America’s part in the great World War. From Baccarat to Sedan you have fought, never having been forced one foot to the rear, and never having lost a gun or a prisoner taken. You have gained every objective demanded of you and on time. Generals of two great fighting nations have mentioned you in orders.

Some have made the supreme sacrifice and their graves now hallow the soil of a foreign land.  Your achievements have been abreast of the best artillery men of the world – you have made the record of your regiment magnificent.

I have been your Colonel during every hour of the life of the regiment, and your faithful and distinguished service has taught me from the first my one prayer that I might do my part – ‘God, make me worthy of my regiment.’

You are leaving the service with a record of which you can well be proud and wherever you may go, in whatever walk of life, I can wish nothing better for you than that your future will be as brilliant as the time spent in the service of your country.

No honor the future can have in store for me can ever be as great as having been your Colonel, and with all the lasting affection of my heart, I bid you farewell.

George E. Leach
Colonel, 151st Field Artillery
Rainbow Division

May, 1919

This is MeddlingMom….

Hemifacial Spasms-have you heard of this?

February 21, 2011

I have had a hemifacial spasm on the left side of my face for close to 3 years now.  It started out as an eye twitch and eventually became evident on the entire side of my face.  Initially I  didn’t know what it was.  I consulted a neurologist and had all necessary testing which revealed that there was no critical physical problem. Most often this condition is caused by a blood vessel resting on a facial nerve. The doctor prescribed some medication, an old Parkinson’s drug, which seemed to help somewhat initially.  It made my mouth so dry that I was making very weird faces attempting to get some saliva going in my mouth.  When there is a spasm (they are sporadic and random), my vision can be affected.  Sometimes it is difficult to see while it is happening.  There is no pain, but it can be difficult to control my face and the smile that I used to have on my face most of the time has diminished into looking like I am angry oftentimes; I am using my energy trying to control the muscles in my face.  I can look pretty ghoulish, too. 

Drawing: patient with hemifacial spasm

I have tried to be a good sport.  I know that there are far worse conditions that people deal with every day.  I am truly tired, exhausted from trying to control my face.  It is difficult to have my vision disrupted.  The stress can be rough. I feel like I am not me. My left eye feels like it is dilated and tears.

My ophthalmologist referred  me to a BOTOX specialist, in this case ….an Ophthalmologist, a top doc in Philadelphia..    BOTOX does help somewhat, but it is an art, not an exact science.  I have been treated with BOTOX 4 times so far.  I am told that it usually lasts 3 to 6 months. For me it seems to work for about 6 or 7 weeks.  I don’t really want to keep receiving BOTOX injections. I would prefer to find another method of treatment.  I have tried acupuncture which I believe does help. I have tried B100 vitamins, geranium oil topically on my face. I haven’t tried meditation yet.  So I am tired, sick of the subject, tired of having photos taken where I look like I have had a stroke (this is not a photo of me).  I just want to be done with this  situation and have my face back!  I understand that surgery is an option also…vascular decompression.

I understand that this condition is extremely rare in males…

This is MeddlingMom….have a good week.

The Christmas Crunch – Shopping-Spending-Stressing-WHY???

December 14, 2010

Busy, busy, busy…money, money, money, do I have enough cash and credit available to get through the next month or even the next few weeks?  It is a tough time of year for those who  celebrate Christmas…in this country, at least…What is it all about? It seems that no matter what one’s intentions are to “keep it simple” or not to be over extended…we just get caught up in the process and all of a sudden you are on a runaway train…The mind is going. Every day you wake up with the subject of shopping and how to make it work – on your mind – and you review your lists to determine what you’ve done so far, what you can eliminate and how to find the time to do all that you need to before the “big day”.  the stresses and strains are enormous on most people.  Even if you are one of the “lucky ones” who doesn’t have to worry about the financial cost, the time issues…how to get it all done…the whole thing is enormous…the stress is incredible.

Isn’t it just ridiculous? All of this fuss related to the birth of one person?  Yes, I realize that Christians believe he was “The One”. What does the birth of Christ have to do with all of the hoopla?  Gifts for everyone in the world, cookie baking (why?),Christmas caroling, stringing popcorn, excessive amounts of calorie and fat ridden food, new clothing for “the day”, decorating the house and making sure everything looks perfect.  Yes, it is absurd.  None of what we do is at all related to the birth of Christ.  Actually, there is one thing that would be in sync with the reason for the season…helping others, donating to organizations who help the poor or hungry, adopting a family and  helping to make their lives better, reach out to someone who has become unemployed with concrete help (do something for them that will make a difference.

The real difficulty is in stepping back and being able to shift how you handle all of this; much of what we do and our expectations of how things should be comes from our childhood and family of origin’s traditions, cultural values, financial situation and the way our parents thought things should be-what they wanted or goes on and on and on. What is really nuts is that we are trying to live up to what they wanted based on what their childhoods were like-what they did and didn’t have, want or need.  So here we are plodding along…no wonder we feel like robots…most of what we do is based on other people’s decisions about what is needed and acceptable.

Step back, take a deep breath, do a little writing about what you are feeling (yes, you do have time to write-get up an hour earlier)- and about what YOU NEED to be whole. Eliminate that which does not make sense to you any more. Talk with your family about how to celebrate without creating nonsensical amounts of stress and strain; ask for suggestions from your children for ways to add  meaning to our experiences.  Decide what matters and make some changes accordingly.

And when you start to think about your New Year’s resolutions…don’t make the list…just make one decision…to read and write every week…3 or 4 hours, half reading, half writing. If you do that, by this time next year, your life will be much simpler.

This is MeddlingMom…keep asking…is this really necessary or important…and why?

Technology AGAIN! It’s exhausting…

September 28, 2010

Here I am again. While I try to be calm and cool about it, technology has me by the YOU KNOW WHAT.  I have a wonderful piece of equipment which can copy videos and DVD’s onto each other.  Yesterday I decided it was a good time to copy a video from a daycare I had years ago in Drexel Hill.  Some time in the next few months, we will be having a reunion of the parents and children (who range from age 16 to 18 years of age now).So I diligently made 7 copies..

Just now I decided to view the DVD’s on another of our DVD players. Sometimes DVD’s won’t play on all DVD players. So far I have tried 3 of the discs and none of them-NOT ONE-works. The machine tells me “no disc”.  I go through a variety of emotions , the first one being “I must be insane.”  Did I not just do everything I need to do to copy the video for 7 people? WHY CAN’T THESE MACHINES JUST DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO? WORK – ALL THE TIME– Make me happy.  Apparently you also need to know what kind of DVD’s your player will accept.      

I will check out the other 4. I am not expecting much. Then later, I wil try all 7 on yet another DVD player in our house. Ugh! I just HATE all of this..People today assume that everything is routine, run-of-the-mill, easy…for so many young people it is…BUT I AM 63 YEARS YOUNG!  Here’s the process for me.

              1. Determine what type of disc is compatible to use with my burner.

              2. Make sure video is re-wound to the beginning of the desired film.

              3. Insert video in machine, then insert disc.

              4. Press to vcr to make sure machine is on vcr mode.

              5.  Press PLAY and then quickly press dubbing.

              6.  Come back to the room when video has completed copying, in this case-87 minutes.

I did this 7 times and look at my reward!!!  (Not that I was looking for a reward…I just wasn’t looking for a lot of nonsense.)  As I’ve heard before, “No good deed goes unpunished”- I hate that saying. I don’t really believe it, but it appears to be true in this instance.

And after all of this, I have to figure out what the problem is and possibly record these all over again.

This is MeddlingMom…I hope technology is working for you.

Astrology, Mercury in retrograde and a Full Moon!

April 27, 2010

This is MeddlingMom,

Astrology is impacting my life this week; see what you think. How much do you know about it?

I wonder how your week is going. I had a great weekend, though Sunday (during the day) felt a little stressful. Sunday evening, I received an unsettling phone call that one of the children I care for each day will not be returning to the daycare. Things have been going smoothly in the daycare. I recently hired someone to help part time and she is working out nicely. My daycare contract states that 30 days notice is required for termination.  There was NO NOTICE given.  Anyway, such a change impacts my income and that of my employee. It also feels pretty crummy to have no notice because each child is very special to me and would be missed. I put a lot of time and energy into learning to understand what each child needs and how each child functions. Unique individuals….So there was definitely an OUCH! factor involved here. I also have the consideration of whether my new employee will feel threatened or upset by the news wondering whether her job and her income are in jeopardy.  So that was a conversation that happened several times over…I will work diligently to add another child to the daycare, part time or full time.

This morning I backed my car into my employee’s car……c.r ..u.n.c.h.!  I had no idea there was anything in back of me…Ugh! That was when we were getting ready to take the children to story time at the library. I was really rattled…I had already whacked my head hard on my car while leaning into the car. The kids were clamoring at the front door, banging on it…letting me know they were ready to leave…so I was just a little distracted…not an excuse.  Luckily it looks like there isn’t too much damage to Missy’s car or to mine.

All of these events are baffling to say the least. My life has been going along so smoothly. Although I work long hours, things have been rather seamless. Then someone mentioned to me yesterday that Mercury is in retrograde and has been since April 18…that explains  a lot. Things seem to go haywire and just don’t work when Mercury is in retrograde. Unfortunately, this will be the situation until May 13.  Then I found out that there will be a full moon on April 28. A  full moon usually impacts at least a week around the actual date. These two factors allow me to have some understanding regarding the shambles my life appears to be this week. Full moons can be emotional times; people seem to do things that make no sense at all, things that are out of character for that individual.

What I am wondering is whether you are experiencing upsetting moments due to Mercury in retrograde or the upcoming full moon.

Have a smooth day…

Fat…Fat…Fat!!! Lose weight, get fit and healthy…why?

March 9, 2010

I woke up Sunday morning and decided to give myself a much-needed pedicure. …My feet were neglected to say the least…Nasty!  First I removed my nail polish, then I soaked my feet in hot water.  Next, I used the Mary Kay product, Satin Hands, to pamper my feet. The program has several steps and really helps to remove dead skin and leaves you with a rejuvenated feeling and nice, smooth, soft skin.  Then I cleaned the cuticle debris from my feet and I was ready to apply polish.

This is when I once again received a message that I am simply too FAT!.  Attempting to reach my toes and apply the polish was difficult, twisting and turning my legs and feet trying to see the entire toenail at one time. It was not fun and was just one more wake up call and reminder that I am not living the quality of life I would like to live. There are so many things in my life that are impacted by being fat. I am tired of it and will start to keep a running list so that I will notice the full impact to me.  I have been fat for many years…Anything that I do that is physical is not done with ease…going up the stairs, taking a walk, getting in and out of the bathtub to take a bath, not a shower, retrieving items from the lower shelves in the kitchen or from the bottom of a closet…the list goes on and on. It has become a real nuisance, not wanting to park somewhere and walk several blocks  is annoying to people who are a normal weight.  Maybe they would actually LIKE to walk a few blocks!  Frankly it can be a little frightening, not being fit and as agile as I once was.  I know that getting exercise will help me to be more agile and also to be stronger, but it isn’t the entire answer.

I yearn to do whatever I feel like doing…with no limitations…I want to be normal size.

Calories in…calories out…it’s simple and daunting, but necessary and worthwhile..

…what do you think? Do you have the same issues? Are you ready to take a stand for longevity and a higher quality of life?

This is MeddlingMom..


December 14, 2009

This is MeddlingMom

Today I decided to try to figure out why I can’t get any results when I do a mail search in my Yahoo account. I get zero results…My daughter suggested to me that the 55,000+ unopened e-mails could be the problem and that perhaps I should seek help from Yahoo on how to purge most e-mails quickly.  I contacted Yahoo via IM and at first the person seemed to be willing to help me. He asked me several questions to secure my account and then asked me what my security QUESTION was.  I said I had no idea what the question was, but if he gave me the question, I could certainly give a correct answer.  That didn’t work for him. He then told me he wouldn’t be able to help me without the question. I even said,”Is it related to my mother, where I was born or my pet?” He couldn’t have cared less. He was DONE.  At that point I tried to go into my account and find the question in order to change the question. When I went in there it stated that I needed to tell them the question in order to change the question…UNBELIEVABLE! What nonsense. When did the QUESTION become a part of the quiz? I mean I have umpteen usernames, passwords and security questions.  As you probably have done, most of these are the same with a few exceptions…but the questions? These are pretty familiar, a few that are used by everyone…in what city were you born..duh….

By the way, the guy was gone! He left me high and dry…most of all, alone.  Oh, he did assure me that the problem was not due to the huge number of e-mails.  So here I am, it’s been determined that there is actually a technical problem and the tech support has signed off…Unbelievable!

When I went back in to try to change the question (so I’d KNOW what my question was and be able to get tech support), I came across a page that said I should give them another e-mail address as a backup-they will send me an e-mail to verify that that is my e-mail. I immediately get a message on my screen that the new address is unverified (in red, of course) and another message that states that I cannot have 2 Yahoo accounts open at the same moment on the computer.  So I then have to close out of Yahoo, go into the second account, open the e-mail to verify that it’s mine.  I can’t even remember what happened then, whether the verification e-mail said they should have a cell phone number for me or whether I went back to my primary account in search of the security question and came across something telling me to supply a cell phone number. Long story short, I supplied the number and immediately received a text message giving me instructions to give a code somewhere or send a text that says “STOP!”.  I sent the text to STOP.

So here I am right back where I started, but a number of hours later, no resolution and absolutely no confidence in Yahoo’s commitment to provide technical support.

How does one reach a real person at Yahoo;  I need to have a conversation.

Have a good night…and wish me luck as I pursue this.  For the record, I  have yet to see any question or place to answer a question.

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